Drop Off & Chill

Drop Off & Chill Drop Off & Chill Drop Off & Chill

Paint with Love

Paint with LovePaint with LovePaint with Love

Bring your girl friends & come to paint

Bring your friends & come to Tik Tok

Bring your friends & come to Tik TokBring your friends & come to Tik TokBring your friends & come to Tik Tok

Art Classes / Workshops

Art Classes / WorkshopsArt Classes / WorkshopsArt Classes / Workshops

Art Sessions

Art SessionsArt SessionsArt Sessions

For all ages

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Hours of Operation (Temporary CLOSED)

Morning Hours by appointments only

Monday to Thursday : 5:00pm - 9pm

Friday : 5:00pm - 10pm

Saturday : 11pm - 10pm

Sunday : 11am - 4pm

About Us

Our Program

Kids Design Cafe is a new concept for Learn & Entertain. Our program created to teach kids ages from 3-16+ basic foundations of Art and design through simple and fun ways. The program is tailored especially for kids and youth, who are looking to learn arts & design in a casual environment. 

We also offer drop off service, craft projects and video games. 

Each and every package offers something new to learn. 

Our packages are unique in the way they assembled to introduce enrichment information in fun and educational methods.         
Created by : Hasna the co-founder of Design Café application & design café studio

About Me

 The majority of us dedicate a large part of life working for the cause and advancement of an organization. Maybe we've pursued a dream, like establishing our own business. Regardless of the journey, shouldn't it be something we enjoy?


For me, design is a journey, a profession I enjoy. There's nothing like reaching that moment – the realization that hours have past, immersed in research, sourcing, creating for the project at hand. Of course, real satisfaction comes when you've confirmed that all the planning resulted in a successful project – meeting, then exceeding expectations.


I'm most proud of my recent work – why? Because the process ventured far beyond interior design. Through nurtured client relationships, I've learned about multiple industries, segments of business I never knew existed. The process was reciprocating – conducting research, curating client data, tweaking criteria, analyzing, then utilizing insights to guide project development and design.


Skilled and talented, I'm far more than a resume! When entrusted with aspects of my business, I take it seriously, balanced, with a measure of passion and optimism. Often defined as detailed and highly organized, I work efficiently, accommodating many tasks – all conducted with professional presence. Since we never stop learning, I pursue knowledge and perspective. What I don't know, I figure out.

Would you like to reach out to me...have questions? Click below and drop me an email – I would like to hear from you.